Thatch Close Cottages - Quality Holiday Accommodation

Green Environment

We are fortunate in living in rural Herefordshire, and have done our utmost to make as little impact as practicable; in fact we wish to leave it better than we found it.

Local Natural Building Materials

When we moved here, the house was in a poor sate of repair and the barns on the point of dereliction. Our architect and excellent builders have ensured the cottages used local and recycled materials whenever practicable. The stone is local, either from derelict buildings or from local farmers fields. The beech floors are re-cycled having started out life as a school gymnasium; the oak and other stone are locally sourced. A fair proportion of the oak used in the cottages has been reclaimed.

Heating & Lighting

The heating is located in an adjacent building to reduce noise in the cottages. The heating is under-floor, to distribute the heat evenly and reduce ‘hot spots’. Each cottage has its own controls for each zone to allow you to hear or cool the rooms to suit your personal requirements. The cottages are well insulated with double-glazing in hardwood frames and each cottage has a mechanical heat recovery system, which re-freshes the air. Hot water is pumped round the sinks and showers reducing water usage, as hot water is available with a very short wait. The greater majority of the lights are efficient LED lights.


A laundry is available and free to use. It has a commercial washer and separate drier. These are very quick and use less power than conventional machines. Washing powder is supplied with our compliments.

The Adjacent Fields

There are over 12 acres of ancient field systems which are believed to date to at least Saxon Times with re-laid hedges, with one hedge is reputed to be over 1,000 years old. Metal detectors have found a variety of interesting objects over the years!

There are numerous ancient trees, a heaven for wild life. Ancient enclosures, mature trees and hedges along with unploughed pastures have provided a stable environment for the support of wildlife including foxes, badgers, owls, birds of prey, amphibians and a range of plants. Guests have identified honey buzzards and different flycatchers within our 12 acres. Your cottage you will find a collection of reference books to help you identify insects, birds, butterflies and moths, and flora. Hedge cutting is minimized to encourage bird life, which has culminated in The Herefordshire Nature Trust’s Gold Award.

In addition we have planted over 40 specimen trees and rejuvenated the surrounding gardens. The pastures are cut late in the year to encourage invertebrates and those who feed on them. Our ancient pond contains newts, toads and frogs. Along with a small orchard, where you are welcome to sample the produce, we have reduced mowing the fields to encourage wild life and your dogs will find plenty to chase! Planting is accompanied with the addition of local barn manure or copra from the local growers.

Waste disposal

Bins are provided in the cottages for waste disposal, including recycling.

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